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Q.Which agents of socialization are most important at certain stages of human development? For example, discuss how the family is important to moral development or how peer groups are important to personality development. o Which theoretical perspective best supports your viewpoint?

Answer:Socialization is the lifelong process of social interaction through which individuals obtain a self identity and the intellectual, social and physical skills needed to function as a member of society. Agents of socialization are the persons, groups or institutions that influence our self concept and attitudes and help us to know what is needed in order to participate in society. The agents of socialization are Family, School, Peer groups, Mass media and other agents like religion, work Place etc. The family is the main agent in the first few years of life. It teaches us moral development and our attitude towards religion and establishing career goals. Socialization differs by class and ethnicity. . To a large extent, the family is where we acquire our specific social position in society The school is the next stage and is a formal agent of socialization. . Schools teach precise knowledge and skills; they also have a deep effect on a child's self-image, beliefs, and values Peer group is a socializing agent that involves groups who are connected by common interests, equal social position, and (usually) similar age. While parents provide basic values, peer groups have greater influence on lifestyle issues and development of personality by contributing to our sense of self worth and feelings of belonging. .Peer group socialization frequently contradicts socialization of the family and school.

The Mass Media: Mass media such as television has become important agents of socialization. The media serves as socializing agents in different ways: (1) they notify us about events; (2) they introduce us to different people; (3) they offer a collection of viewpoints on current...
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