Sociology ' Using Material from Item a Assess Sociological Explanations of Gender Inequality in Todays Society’

Topics: Feminism, Gender role, Gender Pages: 4 (1467 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Sociology Topic 6

‘Using material from item A assess sociological explanations of gender inequality in todays society’

In the last 30 years women in the UK working has risen to 2.45 million whereas men working has risen by 0.5 million. Item A suggests a variety of gender inequalities in today’s society for example the pay difference women receive as it is suggested according to item A that women earn a quarter of a million pounds less than men and this is without women not having any children if she did have children it would be £140,000 less. The pay gap reduces family income overall which isn’t beneficial for families. Another issue is that women mainly work in low paid sectors like retail or caring and due to women having a glass ceiling above men taking all management positions it has left women with the low paid jobs.

Hakim believes there’s an occupational segregation in the UK. In the UK according to Hakim men and women do different kinds of work. There are 2 types of occupational segregation. Horizontal segregation and Vertical segregation. Horizontal segregation is when men and women are concentrated in different types if jobs in different sectors of the economy. Women who are in the public sector usually work in health and social work and education. However in the private sector women normally are in admin or clerical work whereas men are in the skilled and manual sector. However horizontal segregation may decline as there is a decline in the primary and secondary sector in the economy. Vertical segregation is when women occupy jobs of low pay and status. There’s evidence that women work in lower levels however when they can work in upper professions they still have a glass ceiling above them according to Walby. This affects women as if there is any chance of promotion they end up being restricted to go any higher. Women also receive less pay in 1975 women only earned 71% of the average full time male wage. The gap has narrowed over the last 30...
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