Sociological Views on Gender Selection

Topics: Gender, Preimplantation genetic diagnosis, Sex selection Pages: 5 (1446 words) Published: December 12, 2010
There are two major issues related to gender selection. One leaning towards the medical risks and consequences. As with all surgical procedures, removing and altering a chromosome has detrimental risks. ANY alteration when it comes to DNA and genes can instigate horrific physical and biological deformations in a fetus. Worldwide studies have proved the increase of birth defects on babies born after “Chromosomal Manipulation.” The second and most detrimental towards society is possible sex ratio imbalances in the future (like we already have in China and India.)

When focusing on the sex-selected offspring growing into an adult and developmental concerns, they face psychological harm. Psychological egoism fuels many decisions to proceed with gender selection. The parent's believe their life will be better by having a certain gender offspring. This selfish view is motivated by their wants and desires. They are discriminating against an unborn child because of their own preconceived notions as to what the perfect offspring would be for them. The decision may cause regret in the future. Years after a couple has their child of chosen gender, certain instances may make them question if they should have chosen differently. If there is no choice made and the child is conceived naturally, there cannot be any regrets. Research has suggested that there have been cases of gender identity problems following gender selection, which stems back to the biological factor and development within the womb. This may cause animosity towards their parents and unnecessary psychological problems in their lifetime. The US Center for Genetics and Society points out that it does not consider what is best for the child: "Parental determination of a child’s sex could adversely influence the child’s interpersonal development, socialization process, and core identity."

In countries that have provided gender selection, legally or not, there has been increased marital conflict over sex selective decisions. The ratios of the sexes can have devastating consequences for society. This can create problems within the balance of a society at all levels. Asian countries show the most problems with unequal gender ratios. The social contract theory is completed renounced in these situations which can lead to fear, uncertainty, and possibly violence. According to the social contract theory people band together for protection and they follow the normal patterns and social etiquette that best suits all humans. These males are forced back into their “fight or flight” mentality. They all need to find a mate, but because there are very few available in the dating pool, they are forced to fight over what is available. This can be a dangerous and violate problem for anyone around them

It also reinforces gender bias in society as a whole. Prenatal gender selection discriminates against the sex of the child that is being terminated on a gender basis. Discrimination is huge global problem to begin with. Prenatal sex selection and infanticide practices all tend to favor healthy males. All countries in the world no matter how progressive are seen to have gaps in equality for females. The idea that male children are wanted more than female children shows the discrimination and bias against female offspring.

As with any optional choice in life, gender selection is an extremely expensive procedure and most insurance will not cover its cost. There may be an additional cost of about $3,550 on top of the cost of in vitro fertilization with the addition of this procedure, which may bring the total cost to around $15,000 or $20,000 depending on various factors. This means that only the wealthy can design their babies while “poor people” don't have a choice. Therefore it creates diversity between rich and those who have less, which puts another strain of the difference of income.

Without getting too into religion, gender selection simply takes part of the...
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