Sociological Perspective

Topics: Foot, Victim, Rape Pages: 2 (907 words) Published: July 11, 2011
CSI is a TV show that takes place in Las Vegas with a group of crime scene investigators. In these episodes it allows you to see just how far technology has actually progressed over the years. Each episode is different and there are different aspects to each show. Just to think that how many unsolved cases there are because the crime scene was unable to be processed because lack of technology. Sociological Perspectives

In this paper I will be using the interactionist perspective to explain this one particular episode that I have chosen to discuss. The particular episode I will be discussing is about a man who has a foot fetish which causes him to watch women’s feet and react. I will be focusing on this one character in this episode. I will also be discussing the reasons to why this man chooses to murder, rape and beat the women victims that he chooses according to how beautiful their feet are. In this episode the man was known as the foot fetish serial rapist. While the csi crew was being followed by a reality TV crew, while being followed they receive the call about a vicious rape of a woman in a hotel room. The victim of the rape was alive however she was unable to remember to much information. This is because the foot fetish rapist had use basically laughing gas at first before giving her another drug to immobilize her and erase her memory for a short period of time. During this time the rapist, admired the victim’s feet over and over again, he also raped her over and over again. He focused more on the feet though he wanted to make sure that the feet stayed perfect and soft. The rapist had a very clever but predictable way of getting in to the women’s apartments. The rapist had bought a fire fighter suit off line and would pose as a firefighter. Before the rapist would come to the victim’s door he would cause a scene by setting off smoke bombs to cause distraction. He would then apply the laughing gas to get the victims to go out, while he got...
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