Sociological Ideas from Television

Topics: Television, Sociology, Culture Pages: 3 (1015 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Michaela Dramis
Keith Durkin
Introduction to Sociology
27 April 2013
The Television

Television is one of the biggest sources of entertainment we use today. From gossip, news, sports, or other relatable topics, it has provided avid watchers with something to look forward to watch every day. An American farmer by the name of Philo Farnsworth broke through the barrier of this invention by putting all the pieces together from other inventers with the same idea. These people include, Paul Nipkow, who invented the first rotating disk that would allow pictures to transmit over to wire; John Baird invented the first pictures in motion that were televised in Europe; Charles Jenkins who invented a mechanical television that he called “radiovision”, that transmitted the first moving images; and Vladimir Zworykin who invented the Cathode Ray tube which transformed the television into an electronic device. People were excited about the upbringing of televisions but also feared the new technology. People thought that televisions could transmit personal conversations onto the TV. Looking at how the television was modeled when it was first being made until now shows the dramatic change in America’s technological society. The use of television has become so popular over the years from when it was invented (1928) until now because it has become more accessible and more cultured into everyday life. The stereotypical view on television now a day is that guys watch the sports and woman watch the soaps. The development of the different channels and shows and productions has become a phenomenal breakthrough in the way people use this as a source of entertainment. The invention of the television has provided a symbolic use of Americans entertainment as well as evolving into a functional way of everyday life and becoming a huge part of American culture.

The use of popular culture is related to television because of how it has evolved into the American norm. This is a form of...
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