Topics: Sociology, Michel Foucault, Erving Goffman Pages: 2 (353 words) Published: January 6, 2011
The Development of Social Theory (SOC2001)
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Foucault and Goffman

Key points: - Introduction:-

Include a quote in the introduction which will link both Foucault and Goffman’s work. Goffman’s work on Asylums and Foucault’s work on Folie et deraison. Talk about the main points which I am going to include in this assignment. E.g. disciplinary power, asylums and resistance etc. (theory of rituals) Explain that I am going to critically compare Goffman and Foucault and write one sentence on both Goffman and Foucault theories. For example Goffman is known to have analyzed individuals and their non verbal interactions. He focused on the presentation of self were examining individuals casual actions such as posture and eye contact formed a large part of his work. Foucault however preferred to analyze society and the way in which it operated. His theories focused on history and self which had a more impersonal and global focus. He examined societies which implemented characteristics of sane and insane, innocent and criminal and insiders and outsiders. Also include other theorists whose work could be linked to Foucault and Goffman for example Durkheim and Weber etc. Strengths and weaknesses of both their work.

Main text Part 1: - first part of this text will focus on Goffman and some of his work on asylums etc. link Foucault to this

‘Michel Foucault’s ‘archaeology’ and Erving Goffman’s interpersonal sociology are complementary’. (Hacking, I. 2004:277) Both theorists are essential in order to understand how people and the society interact with one another.

Main text Part 2: - Second part of this text will focus on Foucault and some of his work on power and discipline. (The panotopican) link Goffman’s work to this.

Can compare how Goffman looks at asylums while Foucault looks at surveillance in prisons etc....

Bibliography: Economy and society volume 33 number 3 august 2004: 277-302
Between Michel Foucault and Erving Goffman: between discourse in the abstract and face-to-face interaction. (Ian hacking)
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