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In the name of Allah, who has been giving the writers mercy and bless, so the writers can finish this paper. Shalawat and salam sent to our prophet Muhammad SAW. who has brought us from the darkness to the lightness and from the jahiliyah era to modern era. This paper is compiled as group task and for learning media. This paper consists about Sociolinguistics: Language and Age. In compilation of this paper writers have got many aids from various people. Therefore, the writers said thanks to Miss. Awliya Rahmi, S.Hum as advisor. After making a great effort, the writers finally completed this paper. However, the writers realize that there are still many shortcomings in this paper. Therefore the writers enthusiastically welcome to the objective criticism and constructive suggestion for the improvement of this paper. Finally, the writers hope that this paper will be useful not only for the writers but also for the readers.

Merangin, 11 March 2013


Age is directly divided the community into several age groups, namely children, youth, and adults. Restrictions between age groups here can not be determined with certainty. When talking the relationship between the language and age or age language users itself, means that directly connecting things above with a social dialect, the variation of the language relating to the status, class, and social class of the speakers. According Chaer and Agustina (2004), based on age, different varieties can be seen the language used by children, teenagers, adults, and elderly persons belonging. However, diversity in language is temporary, because the users of diversity of the language are also age changed, along with changes in the age of diversity of the language users will change, for example when a child changed a teenager, then they leave the diversity of languages his children that were impressed simple and move on to diversity of languages teens are more unique and varied. Labov in Pateda (1990) says, the higher the age, the more words are mastered, as well as understanding the structure of language. The children in the used of their language using diversity different language ​​with youth and adult language. Diversity of languages ​​is characterized by fact that they are still study to speak. As mentioned above, diversity of languages of youth are more impressed unique and varied. The uniqueness is due to the tendency of young people who like to form groups that are exclusive to distinguish with other groups that generate languages ​​that seem secrets (slang) are only understood by members of the group. The diversity of languages adults in society is characterized by regularity or suitability with the linguistic rules that apply in each language.


A. Language Characteristics of Children
Children have a different language characters from teens and adults. This is caused by the fact that they are still learning to understand language. During the first 5 years period of their lives, children are still learning to understand the words and sentence structure (grammar). On the other hand that the sound device (pitch of the voice) they do not develop properly, causing them to have a different pronunciation with teens or adults.

The example of conversation between mother and her kid
Kate (2 years 6 months) is sitting on the knee of a family friend. Mom(pointing to the one of Kate’s feet) What’s that?
KateA footsie.
Mom(pointing to both feet) What are these?
KateTwo footsies – no, two feetsies, I mean.

Here language is being...

References: Thomas, Linda & Wareing, Shan. 1999. Language, Society and Power. Routledge.
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