Socioeconomic status

Topics: Standardized test, Standard deviation, Statistics Pages: 2 (352 words) Published: March 1, 2015
 We live in a World full of technology and education is the first step toward success in everything we do. Education helps to ensure ones opportunity for a better living. I, like so many of the educators out there am very interested in exploring the many variables that help to contribute to the quality in performance in our students. These variables are as much outside of school as they are in school. I am curious of the relationship between socioeconomic status (lower class, middle class, and upper class) and academic performance. Do we need to really believe that the lower the economical status the lower the quality of academic performance? Is this labeling? Is this pre judging? Students from lower income families are not always having their basic needs met on a consistent basis and some not at all. The United States Department of Education and the Arizona Department of Education will provide me with the necessary data from various socioeconomic classes so that I may analyze the factors that affect the quality of a student’s academic performance. I know this may ne difficult seeing as the definition of “quality of education” is so commonly disagreed upon. I will take the standardized test scores from various schools from different socioeconomic areas in Arizona and use that as my dependent variable. To further explore the data I will use a One-way analysis of variance. I will use an ANOVA as it is the correct test because I am testing independent and dependent variables. I will also be testing the mean, standard deviation and hypothesis test. I will break this down in to male and female students if it is possible to do so and use the scores from math and English only on these tests. Upon completion we should be able to better understand whether or not if a students socioeconomic background plays a significant role in their academic performance and the quality of achievement we receive from them. It is one thing to assume and...
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