Topics: Hygiene, Sanitation, Public health Pages: 4 (1449 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Sociocultural perspectives on health: Social determinants of health Introduction
The struggles over distribution of wealth, status and possessions are perpetual throughout the world. As a result, the inevitable disparity in status among the rich and the poor who have access to the healthcare provided between countries is a challenge to be deal with for the society. Social determinants are elucidated as the conditions, in which people are born, grow, work and age while including the health system. There are other conditions in which resources, money and power at local or national levels play a part in policy changes. That being said, social determinants of health are the main reasons for health inequities which are the unfair and avoidable difference of the health statuses in and between different countries (World Health Organisation, WHO, 2012). The WHO well-expressed in succession to the social determinants approach to health comprises of appropriate social policies with the support from the whole of government, civil society and local communities, business, global fora and international agencies (CSDH, 2008). The country should seek to improve the overall health of the general population as poor health would in turn generate more cost to the governing body to subsidise healthcare necessities to the people. The infrastructure of the country should not be ignored. With this in mind, proper education to the people will aid in the understanding that health and infrastructure like sanitation is imperative. In this essay, the writer would be introducing health infrastructure as social determinants of health outcomes, the programmes which the country integrates and factors like education which contributes to an essential component which in turn has an impact to the society. Impact of public health infrastructure as social determinants of health outcomes In the Northern Vietnam, sanitation and hygiene has been deficient due to a number of reasons. Due to its...
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