Socio Economic Problems in India

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The socio economic problem in india is over population, economic issue (poverty, sanitation, corruption, Education and violence (naxalism, religious, caste related and terrorism). Socioeconomic factors are the social and economic experiences and realities that help mold one's personality, attitudes, and lifestyle. The factors can also define regions and neighborhoods. Law-enforcement agencies throughout the country, for example, often cite the socioeconomic factor of poverty as being related to areas with high crime rates. Definition of 'Social Economics' Problems

Socio Economics Problems focuses on the relationship between social behavior and economics. Social economics examines how social norms, ethics and other social philosophies that influence consumer behavior shape an economy, and uses history, politics and other social sciences to examine potential results from changes to society or the economy. At present time India faced many types of Socio Economic Problems : 1.Religious violence : Constitutionally India is a secular state, but large-scale violence have periodically occurred in India since independence. In recent decades, communal tensions and religion-based politics have become more prominent. 2.Terrorism : Terrorism in India has often been alleged to be sponsored by Pakistan. After most acts of terrorism in India, many journalists and politicians accuse Pakistan's intelligence agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence of playing a role. Recently, both the US and Afghanistan have accused Pakistan of carrying out terrorist acts in Afghanistan. 3.Naxalism : Naxalism have spread into less developed areas of rural central and eastern India, such as Chattisgarh and Andhra Pradeshthrough the activities of underground groups like the Communist Party of India (Maoist). 4.Caste related violence : Caste-related violence and hate crimes in India have occurred despite the gradual reduction of casteism in the...
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