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The Zoning Ordinance currently in force in Quezon City is already outdated having been enacted more than nineteen years ago when the city’s population was only 1.17 M and development in certain areas may be described either sluggish or just starting. Since then, the population have risen to almost two million and developments significantly intensified and expanded. Despite the many changes that have transpired - physically, socio-economically and politically, the land use plan has not changed. Thus, one can easily surmise the gap between the plan and what is actually happening. The plan is no longer relevant and responsive to the needs of the city and its residents. This is readily manifested by the number of Temporary Use Permits (TUPs), exemptions, and, variances, which have been issued through the years. Most of these TUPs, exemptions and the like were issued to new establishments along Commonwealth Ave., Tandang Sora Ave. and other emerging commercial areas. They were issued as a stopgap measure instituted to cope up with the development initiatives taking place in various areas of the city. However, it is only a temporary mitigating device that can not address long-term development needs for good. There remains the imperative to come up with a new comprehensive land use plan that is truly reflective of the city’s development goals and objectives.

The formulation of a comprehensive land use plan is not only dictated by the needs and aspirations of the city but is also mandated by law. Republic Act 7160, otherwise known as the “Local Government Code of 1991” empowers the City Council, under Section 458, Paragraph 2, to generate and maximize the use of resources and revenues for the development plans, program objectives and priorities of the city by adopting a comprehensive land use plan for the city and enacting integrated zoning ordinances in accordance with the approved comprehensive land use plan. To facilitate the implementation of this specific provision, Executive Order No. 72 dated March 25, 1993 was issued providing for the preparation and implementation of the comprehensive land use plan of local government units. The present administration, however, issued Presidential Memorandum dated October 19, 1999 stating that failure to adopt updated comprehensive land use plan by LGUs reviewed by Sanggunian by the end of March 2000, the authority to issue development permits shall be withdrawn from the LGUs.

On the other hand, Republic Act 7279, also known as “The Urban Development and Housing Act of 1992” provides for the formulation of a National Urban Development and Housing Framework that includes a review and rationalization of existing town and land use plans, housing programs, and all other projects and activities of government agencies and the private sector which may substantially affect urban land use patterns, transportation and public utilities, infrastructure, environment and population movements.

Empowered by these existing national laws and fully aware of the urgency of a new comprehensive land use plan for Quezon City, the City Government made earnest efforts towards the formulation of the said plan. In 1993, Ordinance No. SP-113, S-93 was passed by the City Council, directing the Quezon City Zoning Review Committee, as provided in the Implementing Rules and Regulations of Ordinance No. SP 22, S-92, otherwise known as “The QC Zoning Ordinance of 1992” to review the existing zoning classification and/or zoning boundaries and to draft and submit to the City Council for approval its recommendations for rezonification. The most recent undertaking was the creation by virtue of Executive No. 1, Series 2000, of the Joint Legislative-Executive Committee tasked with the preparation of the (new and updated) Comprehensive and Land Use Plan, which when approved, will become the basis of the Proposed QC Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance of 2000.


In coming up with the proposed...
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