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Socio-Cultural Significance of the Color Brown

Topics: Race, Human skin color, White people, Brown, Primary color, Black people / Pages: 2 (399 words) / Published: Jan 3rd, 2013
People who prefer brown are often conventional and orderly. The negative meaning of brown can be a repressed personality or a lazy person. Brown is the color of the earth and is associated with the material side of life.

It is a mixture of red, blue and yellow
In the view of astrology: Brown gemstones act as a grounding force and promote stability and clear thinking. Brown around the globe
The Dravidian Caucasoids and Indo-Aryan people of South Asia are sometimes called brown
In the United States, Thanksgiving is represented by brown and orange. * In India, brown is the color of mourning because it resembles dying leaves. * American Indians believe the color brown represents the power of self-discipline.

If you dream of the color brown, it means you will be lucky with money.

In terms of the visible spectrum, "brown" refers to high wavelength (low frequency) hues, yellow, orange, or red, in combination with low luminance or saturation.[5] Since brown may cover a wide range of the visible spectrum, composite adjectives are used such as red brown, yellowish brown, dark brown or light brown.

Brown Colour Meaning in Healing
In colour therapy and colour healing brown is used as a stabilizer. It helps bring to reality and down to earth too fanciful and flighty feelings associated with paranoia. Hyperactivity and hyper tension can be helped with the use of the colour brown. It is good for those who suffer panic attacks and anxiety as it is both comforting and grounding.
This colour is very grounding and can also help in painful situations both emotional and physical.

Brown or Brown people is a racial and ethnic classification. Like black people and white people, it is a metaphor for race based on human skin color. In racialist anthropology, the color brown and the term "brown people" was used to describe a series of hypothesized racial groups that included various populations from North Africa, the Horn of Africa, the Near East, Middle East, South Asia and Southeast Asia. In Brazil, brown people is a cognate term for pardo. In North America, both Latinos and South Asians sometimes self-identify, or are sometimes described as, brown people.

Western: down-to-earth, practical comfortable stable, dependable, wholesome China: In Chinese Horoscopes brown is the color for earth
India: Color of mourning
Nicaragua: Sign of disapproval

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