Socio-Cultural Impacts

Topics: 2010 FIFA World Cup, FIFA World Cup, Association football Pages: 3 (990 words) Published: November 17, 2012
Socio-cultural impacts
Before FIFA World Cup 2010 launched in South Africa, the main attraction was mostly on gold and diamonds. The number of crime rate is what people knew about South Africa, and since the high crime, so there are not so many people come to South Africa for travel or investment. Therefore, most of the cultural in South Africa are not familiar by the world. But FIFA World Cup has been the biggest and a very successful promotion for the cultural of South Africa and it also make a big impact to the South Africa society, it lets thousands of visitors come to South Africa for travel, although almost of their purpose is come for FIFA World Cup, but they also have travel some attractions or places. So, FIFA World Cup not only increase the economy of South Africa, but also make a big affect for the society and let the cultural of South Africa start common on the world.

Positive Impacts
One of the South Africa’s cultural be very famous is the African musical instrument---the vuvuzela, In the FIFA, the vuvuzela has become part of the official South African football fans arsenal. It is a plastic trumpet which makes a distinctive noise, comparable to an elephant blowing their trunk. The African audiences always play it during the game, and there are many disputes on it, because this instrument’s volume is so loudly, during the FIFA, when the African fans want to support and encourage their favour teams, they use this unique ways which play the vuvuzela loudly to show their loyalty to their team, this is their own cultural and because this event they let the vuvuzela be popular in the world, and nowadays there are many people use it for celebration, parade and competition. Like in Hong Kong, the demonstrators use it to show their opinion in parade, when the parliamentary said something which the demonstrators think it is nonsense. The demonstrators would play the vuvuzela loudly to show their discontented.

Negative Impacts
During the 2010 FIFA...
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