Socio-cultural development in early childhood education

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Socio-Cultural Approach in Montessori Method of Education:

With a Special Reference to Montessori and Kindergarten
Schools in Bangalore
“The Child is father of the Man”, these words of William Wordsworth apply more to the early childhood as it is at this stage that the foundation of life is laid and nearly 75% of the adult’s personality is created. In spite of its importance the education of this stage was neglected for a long time. The formal education was started around 6 years. Till then it was considered to be the duty of the family and parents.

In olden days the child was always with the mother. He went
wherever the mother went and it was through her that the child was initiated to the society. Therefore the mother was called the “first teacher” and the house the “first school”. The education was imparted through grandmother’s caring actions, stories, lullabies and traditional infant games. The child instead of merely learning 3R’s, learnt the ways of the society and imbibed the cultural values through direct contact with the society. The modern world has resulted modern problems which need modern solutions. Now there are practical difficulties in putting the child in contact with the society. Hence a new setup called “school” is needed to establish the contact between the child and the society.


Society is a large social grouping that shares the same
geographical territory and is subjected to the same political authority and dominant cultural expectations. Whereas culture is defined as the knowledge, language, values, customs and material objects that are passed from...
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