Socio-Cultural Contexts of Adolescent Fertility in Yoruba Society: Insights from Osun State

Topics: Scientific method, Sociology, Quantitative research Pages: 2 (429 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Theoretical context of “Socio-Cultural Contexts Of Adolescent Fertility In Yoruba Society-Insights From Osun State”. In seeking to explain and understand how age at first childbirth affects the demographic and socio-economic status of women and children in Osun State, the author employed the three theoretical frameworks or theories of Demographic Transition, of social status determinants and Globalization, skill-mismatch and development of the underclass. Since this study draws from these theoretical expositions to explain adolescent reproductive behaviour(social phenomena), establish relationship between the demographic and economic variables of the study, generate basic hypothesis and provide a framework that guides research questions, we could say that it is Nomothetic in nature. Nomothetics seek to construct a deductively set of general theories that explain and predict human behavior. Deduction= Theory/Theoretical Framework Data Collection. It is therefore consequential that a research dominated by deduction, positivism, objectivism and etic view of ontology in explaining - 1. The demographic factors responsible for adolescents’ fertility among people of different localities and socio-economic status in Osun state 2. The factors responsible for differences in social status in individuals in the society 3. The relationship between globalization, adolescent fertility and labour markets (chapter 3) Will employ a quantitative research method (Cross sectional survey) (chapter 4) But every scientifically approved theory must be empirical and explanatory in nature to be able to pass the reliability and validity test. Some of the theories used for this study e.g Theory of Demographic transition are descriptive in nature (non-experimental) and therefore lack the explanatory nature of scientific inquiry. To make the research a complete one capable of explaining present day demographic and socio-economic status of women in Osun State(drawing from its...
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