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By prisha001 Apr 12, 2013 389 Words
1)M/J 2010
The study of sociology is influenced by values, and this is the reason why sociology can never be a science. Explain and asses this view.

Basic Idea: value free vs. not free from values

>> 19th century; socio; study; impressed by the advances in natural sciences as it the era of modernity; more intro; bring both the for and against argument in question, >> Many sociologists believed that research could and should be value free; Comte; Durkheim, >> Esp. to theorists advocating qualitative approaches, there is no prospect of a completely value free sociology. Values aren't inevitable; even in natural sciences value judgement exists, >> Weber; values influence choice of topic; Alvin Gouldner's 'domain assumption' >> In every angle of discussion, never fail to explore the 'WHY' it can't be a science argument, >> Some believe their objective, rather than producing objective knowledge, is to discover the truth/realities of structure/society; oppressive structure the theorist discover simply reflect their own prejudice: feminists will always find patriarchal oppression, anti-racists will spot racism and so on, >> Angles I've provided are not structured in an orderly fashion. >> Lynch, Gomm

>> Make an argument on history, critical social scientists: Manesh Sir love the "history" arguments.  >> Conclusion: Researchers ought to openly address their values before research is conducted, >> Kuhn: criticizes scientific knowledge (I think); But add him, he's IMP, >> Karl Popper: using deductive rather than inductive; try to disprove your hypothesis; respondent validiation: Comte/Durkheim together wala study.

2) O/N 2010
Sociology can and should be based on the same principles and research methods as natural science. Explain and asses.

Topical argument: positivists vs. interpretivists

>> 19th century wala intro; modernity; the advent of sociology and natural sciences; the breaking of promises of modernity, interpretivist strands of thinking, >> Positivist intro on natural sciences,

>> Comte,
>> Durkheim,
>> Four aspects of stages: Comte and D,
>> Despite all, interpretivist thinking,
>> Stimulus and research,
>> Phenomenology's claim,
>> Weber (goes up, not in this place of argument),
>> Conclude: triangulation perhaps? Most suitable.

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