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Topics: Sociology, Psychology, Social psychology Pages: 3 (554 words) Published: February 23, 2014
Sociology 1/13/14

-People who like to avoid shocking discoveries,who prefer to believe that society is justt what they were taught in sunday school, who like the safety of the rules... Should stay away from sociology.

-sociology: The study social behavior... Sociology is the scientific study of humam behavior,social groups, and society... Sociology is the study of social life and the social causes and consequences of hu,an behavior.

-Sociology focuses on social structure in its analysis. Human beings are

“caused” by their positions in various social structures: they respond to expectations held by others; they play roles developed over time; they are more or less controlled by their places in the stratification systems in society; and, they internalize their cultures through being socialized by various socialization agencies.


5 major reasons of sociology for discipline:

1) Industrial Revolution

2) Urbanization

3) French Revolution

4) Implementation of Science

5) Discovery of Non-Europeans

Today we accept social change alot more rapidly then in the past such as the 60's


Symbolic interaction theory:

Symbolic level: a symbol that can show you something ex. A stop sign nothing is keeping you from going yoy know to stop just because

Exchange theory: assumes that people seek rewarding statuses, relationships, and experiences, and they try to avoid cost, pain, and punishments.

Evolutionary theory: suggests that societies, like biological organisms, progress through stages.

Chapter 3

Methods of studying society

Milgram experiment:Shock theory

Zimbardo:Within three years of being released from jail, two out of every three inmates in the US wind up behind bars again - a problem that contributes to the highest incarceration rate of any country in the world. New research suggests that the degree to which inmates' express guilt or shame may provide an indicator of how likely they are to...
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