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Verbal communication
Verbal communication is more face to face communication which involves the use of words to present ideas, feeling and individual’s thoughts through the process of communication cycle, where the sender sends messages to the receiver, who receives the message. Verbal communication is commonly used on daily to daily basis either with others or even ourselves. Verbal communication is one way approach for individuals to communicate in a straight forward manner. There are different basic components of verbal communication such as, language, audio, dialogue etc. Each of these is considered a form of verbal communication which is used by most individuals. Furthermore, it is very important to process clear communication skills for an individual considering the world we live in today. However, if people lack these abilities because, of some sort of disability/illness then it may create concerns. For these certain group of people, there are alternatives which may involve non-verbal communication, such as sign language. Some basic factors in verbal communication are:

Speak clearly
Avoid talking in with a heavy accent
Slow down, if necessary
Ensure that your pronunciation is correct
Situation verbal communication is important/used? People communicate in businesses with each other most often by oral communication. This communication unusually takes place between managers, colleagues/workers. Another example of oral communication takes place between a doctor and their patients- sometimes when the patient is unable to neither speak nor understand the language spoken by the doctor. Then the particular department organises a translator who is able to speak/understand both the doctors and patients language and translate the verbal communication in the particular language that each individual would understand. In this situation, the translator is the important person as only they are able to verbally communicate in the languages...
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