Society's Influence on Education

Topics: Education, Learning, Sociology Pages: 2 (752 words) Published: October 22, 2014

Name:ROSLIE L. ARADOSubject: Educ 201 - Philo-Socio
The title of the piece we are reacting to is “Society’s Influence on Education”, authored by Manali Oak which emphasized that society and education are inseparable entities. Society plays a vital function in education and greatly influences it. Society is defined as a structured community of people bound together by similar customs, traditions and values. Social interactions occur within a society providing the people an opportunity to share, learn and grow where informal education exists. Education would not exist without the society because it is we, the people - the recipients who made up the society and thus, the society is an educational institution itself. II – ANALYSIS/EVALUATION

The piece is very appealing and convincing to the readers because the words used were simple and clear, the construction of thoughts and ideas were organized which made it easy to understand, relate and connect to real life situation. It clearly defined what a society is and how it greatly affects education. Ideas were mostly based on factual, experiences, and observations. Somehow, it overlooked some examples that would expound and elaborate further opinions and ideas. Citing examples is an effective way to help readers apprehend its intention and realize how great and influential are personal experiences in a study. Even without extensive research, the author could still make up this article because conceptions of ideas derived directly from our prior knowledge and experiences. For these reasons, it made the readers to react and interact from the article they read. The author shows neutrality about the topic and presents a balanced view about society and education though it overemphasized on how society influences education which is the focus of this piece. This is how complicate to criticize this kind of piece sometimes because both entities...
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