Society Does Not Define Me

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Society Does Not Define Me
by Kristen Anastopoulos

In magazines, on T V, in movies everywhere we look we see society’s version of “perfect” girls, which forces girls everywhere to believe that’s how you’re supposed to look. Because of society I grew up thinking that skinny was beautiful, but it turns out that wasn’t true.

During middle school I was bullied for various things, which made me think I wasn’t beautiful. With this mindset I did whatever I could to fit society’s standards of beautiful. I tried diets and when I couldn’t see results fast enough I moved on to eating disorders. In health class I learned how dangerous eating disorders actually were and learned society didn’t approve of them. I thought, “What the hell can I do to be perfect?” As I continued suffering from eating disorders I thought I was becoming more beautiful. Even though i thought i was still beautiful others didn't, i was still being bullied on how I look. What am I doing wrong? I asked myself everyday. I became more and more unhappy with how I looked. When I looked in the mirror I would point out a new flaw, one that didn’t line up to what society craved. I thought being beautiful was a good thing, and I thought it would make me feel good about myself but I was wrong. I tried makeup to cover up all the flaws I had, it never worked I just looked like a clown. I was adopted and had epilepsy. It made me different; different was not accepted in the eyes of society. No matter what I did I was never satisfied with myself. After a battle between me and society I realized I am different for a reason and no matter what society thinks I am beautiful.

I believe that society needs to change how they view perfect. They make it very difficult for people to live a happy day-to-day life. Girls are always worrying about how they look; they can never seem to be happy with themselves. In order for society to become more helpful instead of harmful they need to stop saying skinny is...
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