Society and Its Negative Effects

Topics: Love, Reality television, Romance Pages: 4 (1856 words) Published: April 8, 2013
What is Life Without Love?
What is love? How does one know they are in love? Is love real? These are questions that scientists and mankind have been discovering and questioning for years. Some people feel as if they need love to survive because it gives them a sense of self-worth. Others feel as if there is no such thing as love. People are simply infatuated with one another or they are just in lust. In the novel A History of The World in 10 ½ Chapters, the chapter Parenthesis, Julian Barnes discusses his differing opinions on love. Barnes asks the questions such as, is it true? Is love what will survive us? Barnes states it would be nice to think so. (226) Some feel as if they cannot live without love or being loved. Some go through their whole life searching for love, trying to find the perfect love, and consume their life with trying to be or find love. Everyone tries to find the perfect fairytale kind of love but in reality there is no such thing as perfect love. Barnes discusses at great length the different types of love people have for each other. Such as one does not love his or her partner in the same way they love their mother or father. Love can be expressed in many different ways and forms and has different meanings. Everyone experiences their own definition and ways of love. Barnes states that love does not make one happy nor does it the person one loves happy and love does not make everything all right. Barnes conveys that everyone should experience love in their lifetime but one can live without love in their life, but in our society today everyone feels they need to find love. When one is falling in love with someone they do not have any interest or needs to be with anyone else. Love is when that one person consumes ones thoughts and when one is with them they never want to let them go. Love is when one would do anything for that person and one feels if they were to be without them or loose them their life would be incomplete. Barnes states...

Cited: Barnes, Julian. A History of the World In 10 1/2 Chapters. 1st Vintage International Ed. NewYork: 1989. 33-58. Print.
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