Socially responsible companies

Topics: Ford Motor Company, General Electric, Wind turbine Pages: 2 (336 words) Published: November 3, 2013
Starbucks Corporation
Since implementing its supplier social responsibility standards in 2006, Starbucks has engaged in more than 500 factory assessments and continues to work with more than 70 factories on improving their social and environmental standards. As part of its 2015 global-responsibility goals, Starbucks aims to volunteer one million community service hours globally. Starbucks has achieved LEED certification for 116 stores in 12 countries, with 69 per cent of company-owned stores built to achieve certification in 2012. General Electric Company

In 2013, introduced its “GE 2.5-120” wind turbine prototype, reportedly the world’s most efficient wind turbine. The turbine uses industrial Internet to manage the variability of wind, providing smooth predictable power. Donated $4 million to the Robin Hood Foundation for hurricane Sandy relief efforts and a further $1.1 million to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund and United Way of America to support related efforts. Zara (Industria de Diseño Textil SA)

As part of its 2020 “commitment to zero discharge,” Zara will begin publicly disclosing discharges of hazardous chemicals. By the end of 2013, the company aims to have discharge data on 100 Asian suppliers available on a public online platform. Signatory to the CEO Water Mandate, a United Nations initiative to support companies in the development, implementation and disclosure of their water-related strategies and solutions. Ford Motor Company

Set a goal to reduce its facility-based CO2 emissions by 30 per cent by 2025 compared to a 2010 baseline. Developed and launched the first inflatable safety belt, designed to dramatically reduce the risk of injuries to rear-seat occupants, especially children. Nokia Corp.

“Nokia Life” is a text-based information service designed for users in emerging markets, offering actionable advice and education on topics such as health care, local markets and agriculture, in an effort to facilitate...
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