Socializing New Employees

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Executive summery:

In our report we are going to proved some of assumptions of Human Resources Management related to the socialization. To do this we use prince group. Prince group is very popular in Mirpur-1. They have many bakeries, a large departmental store and a three star hotel. Mainly we conducted our survey in their three star hotel. It is a well known name in Mirpur teritory. It offers widest of hotel services. It enriches its management system by adopting a quality human resource department. This department is garnished by modernize method. That is not following by any other department in Mirpur region. Hence to fulfill our course and research demand we have selected this organization.

We want to thanks especially the assistant human resource manager; MR. SHAIDUR RAHNMAN. He is really very cordial person and has positive looks toward student. He helps us in gathering all information and provides us his valuable time for providing proper information and documents. Hence we want to say straightly that without his help it was impossible to prepare this report. We also want provide a sweet thanks that sweet boy of front desk officers; MR. RAJU AHMED. This man helps us in every situation in data collection.

At last we want to say, in this world nothing is free from limitation. Every process or systems has a distinct limitation. Hence our report also dose not free from this term. But we strongly believe that beyond of this limitation the overall methodology uses in this report and result comes out from the report is very full fruit to all, those have an interest in Human Resource Management.



Socialization is a process of adoption. Orientation and training is a part of socialization. Orientation covers the activities involved in introducing a new employee to the organization, information about organization’s goals and objectives, management’s desire, expected organizational behavior and many more. Human resources department, supervisors, personnel department is responsible for orienting new employee. On the other hand training is an attempt to make employees more effective and efficient in doing their regular organizational jobs. Various types of refreshment program for existing employees also help them to receive the current changes and improve their job knowledge at work place. Recreational programs, sports, annual party also develop socialization at workplace among employees, employee-management and it’s a better off for the organization.

Socialization is continuous process at organization and we believe it has a bunch of benefits including improve employees’ performance, productivity, organizational stability, motivation, less turnover and organization will receive benefit as well. Our objective of this report is to justify the statement of above that means to justify the hypothesis of: • Socialization has positive impact on employees’ performance. • Socialization improves employees’ productivity.

• Socialization at work place has impact on organizational stability. • Socialization has direct impact with turnover.

Scope of the report:

□ To evaluate our hypothesis we have followed questionnaire method and made a standard questioner. This is then placed to Grand Prince Hotel human resource department. That is a three star residential hotel and follows a standard of human resource management procedures.

□ We have directly and randomly collected data from the existing different level employees from Grand Prince Hotel, which protected the data from biased.

□ Besides of primary data we also gathered secondary data that makes this report wealthier.

□ This report has analyzed under very simple way which ensure to understandable for all.

Limitation of the report:

□ As we did not get enough time due to hotel management’s unavailability at every moment, we can’t fill up...
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