Socializing in High School

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Social Clicks in high school are a big importance in my generation; youth only socializing with a few friends and only those friends. Clicks hangout with their friends only and not anyone else, which makes new students feel left out and causes them to have a hard time “fitting in.” That is why I am trying to reach my generation to tell them to get out of their comfort zone and “go talk to that person who is sitting by himself at lunch” or maybe “hang-out with that girl who is different.” If teenagers do this then high school will be a better place. Teenagers should not judge other people for what they wear, or the way they act because they do not know what that person has had to deal with.

The issue with social clicks in high school is that it segregates people from one another. Teenagers isolate themselves into certain social groups causing clicks. Not everyone likes clicks. Some teenagers like to socialize with all different kinds and types of people. Teenagers need to be their own person and meet different people in order to tolerate the world and its differences. Social clicks can cause fights, arguments, and gossip among teenagers. High School is difficult enough academically, without having to deal with social clicks.

Everyone needs a group of friends to feel a part of society, raise their self-esteem, and grow towards adulthood. Social clicks in high school need to broaden they horizons and venture out to other groups and get to know them. Maybe even meet someone that is cool that you did not think was. Teenagers need to stop being so quick to judge others and maybe will find out that that person was awesome after all. You have to get to the core of people and you will find out who they really are. So do not be in the group that excludes everyone or be the person that judges on appearance.

As humans we are all different in our own way. I want to tell every teenager in my high school to come together as a family, because...
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