Socialization Process

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The Cycle Of Socialization

* Our Socialization begins with before we are born, with no chioce on our part : That represent our un-controlled socializations because when we were born we were not asked about where to born, what would be the gender , in which class to born. These identities are ascribed to us at birth through no effort of decision. So initially we are forced into things without our will. When we born we didn’t have any choice for cast, religion, class, parents, day etc

* The first step of our socialization process is out side our contol:  Socialization is a process of interaction and the first step of socialization is out of our control because we didn’t have any choice of our birth place, we had no choice about religion. we didn’t name ourselves of our choice, we had no choice of initial conciousness. when a baby born she\he not able to questioning with her\his parents for name , religion , place , cast , parents etc  

* We are innocents falling into an already established system: The world was a set place, when we were born we just became a part of this already created world. When we came into being we had no choice we had to admit the world as it was.

* Norm: Rules and regulations made by society . standards with which we live

* Recognition: Identity, Identified from knowledge of appearance or character.

* Immediately upon our births we begin to be socialized by the people we love & trust the most: Our parents. At the time of our birth, our first interaction was with the people which were closest to us. In initial stage , at young age we copy our parents like how they walk how they speak , how they eat , and we do what we are tought or asked to do because we couldn’t do anything by our own self.

* Self Concepts: Our abstract ideas, our plans and intention.

* Self Perception: Our ability see, hear, or becoming aware of something through our senses.

* Intrapersonally: how we think about...
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