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Topics: Sociology, Socialization, Childhood Pages: 2 (555 words) Published: April 7, 2013
What is socialization and its internal and external processes? Socialization is a continuous awareness and understanding of the values and norms to distinguish a sense of self. Most of these norms and values are learned in childhood, but the socialization process never stops. Socialization begins internally when an individuals are infants and young children. It all starts with imitation of the things they see adults doing, like playing with moms make up or playing kitchen, or nurse. As the child grows, these acts of imitation grow into more complicated games than just playing. Mead calls this “taking the role of the other” (Giddens p.77). When a child reaches this stage, they are starting to see themselves through the eyes of others. This is the beginning of the development of one’s social self, which is achieved through self-consciousness, or being aware of your identity as a person separate from others.

There are many different external agents of socialization that contribute to the whole process. Primary socialization occurs in infancy and early childhood, which is the most intense period of cultural learning. This is when children learn language and basic behavioral patterns and the family plays a prominent role. Secondary socialization takes place later, as the child is becoming more mature. This occurs in peer groups, school, the media, teams, and eventually the workplace. Social interactions in these contexts help people to understand their cultures norms, values, and beliefs. Schools are a key contributor to secondary socialization because you are taught to obey authority, be punctual, to be polite and speak correctly, and many other norms that will be in place for the rest of your life. The media many not have been as much an influence 100 years ago, but today the media is a huge influence on socialization. Children start watching tv and begin to have a belief of what they need to wear, how to be ‘cool’, and what is generally socially...
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