Socialization as an Aim of Education - Paper

Topics: Education, Culture, Socialization Pages: 5 (1409 words) Published: October 1, 2012
Socialization as an Aim of Education

Danielle Seguin

California State University, Long Beach

Socialization as an Aim of Education

In its truest form, I believe the main purpose of education should be to promote socialization. Socialization refers to the act of inheriting and spreading standards, customs and ideologies, providing an individual with the skills and habits necessary for contributing in society. Socialization is therefore the way that social and cultural continuity are attained (“Socialization,”n.d., para.1). In a society that seeks to achieve its full potential and maximize its benefits, the aim of socialization through education has the potential to achieve these remarkable things. First, education effectively develops individuals into people who can contribute wealth and ideas in a society. Second, it has the power to broaden one’s perspective and promote awareness. This perspective and awareness has the muscle to enhance multiculturalism and lessen xenophobic attitudes.

The first aim of education should be to develop people’s abilities and strengths so that they can be assets within society. Education is the key to a nation’s progress. An education system that seeks to invest equally in the potential of all, is working towards beholding a powerful society that is fully maximizing its resources and functioning at its best. Education should function to literally not leave any children behind so they all can reach their highest potential and contribute to society with skills developed in the class.

The skills students learn in school gives them better opportunities outside the classroom. These skills create independent individuals who learn how to utilize their own resources making them competitive in society and the world. Without sophisticated education to keep up with technologically advancing times, the nation falls behind. Education creates beings who are not only assets for the society, but also into people who enhance wealth creation in the country. When people make money, they are also creating monetary gains for the company they work for. With every profitable corporation, the government earns in the form of taxes. It is a cyclical system; the more that is put into education and the development of people, the richer society will be. Education should function to focus on supplying educational access to all, so that everyone can have an equal opportunity to exist as a positive component in their society.

On a deeper level, education should function to bring about awareness. Fundamentally, education is meant to teach individuals to read and write. Reading skills learned in classrooms allow students to obtain knowledge from books. This knowledge has the power to awaken and enlighten the spirit and mind. It is through awareness that people should be able to successfully apply their stock of knowledge to challenge injustices and change course. This awareness should not only portray the realities encountered daily, but also help individuals understand who they are and how they came to be. With that being said, education should be inclusive and provide a holistic view of the past for each and every person of every background to have the chance to be familiar with their cultural trajectories and identities. This helps spread knowledge to the collective population about other cultures and encourages students to see cultures and identities in a new way. We become sensitive and appreciative learning about others and ultimately ourselves.

This concept of honest awareness is powerful. Students are empowered when their cultures are embraced. When education does not portray the past honestly, it robs a part of a student’s cultural identity. Education when not oppressed in the classroom has the power to inspire. This spark can start a fire that burns down ways of the past and makes room for a new growth of change....
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