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Topics: Sociology, Human behavior, Psychology Pages: 2 (260 words) Published: January 7, 2014
“Evidence from a number of sources suggests that socialisation is the main factor shaping human behaviour.” Explain and assess this claim. Introduction
Socialisation: The lifelong process in which individuals learn norms and values of society and a distinct sense of self View is supported by sociologists, oppose by biologists and psychologists Evidence from sources

Feral children studies
Durkheim suicide study
For the view 1 (Functionalist)
1. Cultural attitudes and behaviours are internalised into individuals through socialisation 2. Achieved through agents of socialisation
a. Primary socialisation - family
b. Secondary socialisation – mass media, schools, peer groups, religion 3. Evidence
a. Durkheim suicide study – suicide determined by social forces b. Feral children: example of under-socialisation
4. Intermediate conclusion: Human behaviour is shaped by the social forces surrounding an individual For the view 2 (Symbolic Interactionist)
1. The process of role-taking develops an individual’s concept of ‘self’ 2. Through interaction, individuals learn shared meanings of symbols 3. Self-development process
a. Play stage
b. Game stage
c. Evaluation: Explanation of socialisation is similar to the functionalist view but more emphasis on the individual as active participant in acquiring social identity 4. Evidence
a. Looking Glass Self (1922) Charles Cooley
b. Self-reflexive
5. Intermediate conclusion:
For the view 3 (Feminism)
1. Gender role socialisation – Ann Oakley
Manipulation, canalisation, different activities, verbal appelation 2. Sexual division is socially constructed – Margaret Mead Evidence: Tchambuli tribe – gender roles are reversed
3. Intermediate conclusion: Gender roles and divisions are social constructions Against the view 1 (Biologist)
1. Tiger & Fox (1972): biogramming
Biology determines behaviour and overrides influence of culture 2. Intermediate conclusion: Biological traits of an individual simply lay the foundations...
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