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What is socialisation?

Socialisation is the way in which we learn acceptable behaviour suitable for our culture. It allows us to know the norms and values of statuses and roles within our society. Socialisation can be broken down to primary and secondary both of which can occur in a formal or informal way. Primary socialisation is the first and takes place at home with our parents and families, it includes how to eat, speak, and react, amongst other important factors in early life. It is believed to be the most important type of socialisation as it sets the mould for our norms and values. Secondary socialisation occurs throughout the rest of our lives. The first agent of secondary socialisation for most people is school. Many other agencies also help shape our behaviour to conform to society’s expectation, such as work, religion, media and even our peer groups. Through secondary socialisation we learn how to interact with others and most importantly how to differentiate between acceptable behaviour in our various roles. For example, the qualities that makes you a good student: organisation, diligence and respect of classroom rules, does not necessarily make you a good daughter. A differing set of norms and values apply for each role we occupy. Both primary and secondary socialisation can occur in two ways, formal and informal. Formal socialisation is enforced; it is a deliberate attempt to mould us to society. Laws and rules fall into this category, we are told what is acceptable and what is not and the consequences if we do not conform. Informal socialisation is what happens by learning ourselves from society. Copying what we see from other people’s behaviour and conduct, which it is not written down for us to follow. An example of informal and formal socialisation in the same setting could be when starting a new job. Formally you are told the working hours and the companies’ policy and guidelines you are to adhere to. Whilst working for the company you are...
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