social worker roles in the community

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Social work in the community
By Alicia Sarmiento
Instructor Lloyd Richard
August 16, 2013
Table of Contents
Introduction________________________________________________________Page 3 What does social work do in the community?______________________________ Page 4 what areas do they work in?____________________________________________ Page 4 Why do we need social work?__________________________________________ Page 5 What are the roles?___________________________________________________page 6 Conclusion_________________________________________________________ page 7 References__________________________________________________________page8

Social work roles in the community
Social worker has become one of the nation’s largest providers in client care. “Social workers spend the majority of their time providing direct client services 96%” highest fact researched. Social workers main stream work is to provide help to people in the community. What is social work? “Social work is a profession concerned with helping individuals, families, groups and communities to enhance their individual and collective well-being. It aims to help people develop their skills and their ability to use their own resources and those of the community to resolve problems.” Another defines it, “social work profession promotes social change, problem solving in human relationships and the empowerment and liberation of people to enhance well-being. Utilising theories of human behaviour and social systems, social work intervenes at the points where people interact with their environments.” In both definitions social work is helping others with problems and wellbeing, directing them to empowerment and freedom to change their lives.

Social work plays a major part in the community and without out having social work the community will be hopeless. Therefore, they have become very important to the society today. Some questions that trigger people today is What exactly do they do? What area do they work in? Why do we need social workers? What are the roles of social work? It raises questions. Some people have negative comments on social workers and some have positive remarks.

What does social work do in the community and what areas do they work in? Social workers are in all fields from hospitals, mental health, Child and Family services, community based organizations as well as legal organizations etc. According, to the Canadian Association of social workers, “Social workers work in a variety of settings: family services agencies, children’s aid agencies, general and psychiatric hospitals, school boards, correctional institutions, welfare administration agencies, federal and provincial departments.” (Canadian Association of social workers) They have major parts in all aspects in the community. One of the main things they do is “to help others” in all areas of life no matter what field it is in. “Social workers provide services as members of a multidisciplinary team or on a one-to-one basis with the client.” As well as “Social workers help individuals, families, groups or communities enhance their quality of life and develop the full potential of the individual or group.” (University of British Columbia ) “The duties performed by social workers vary depending on the settings in which they work.” (Canadian Association of social workers) In the field like family and children agencies social workers are more one to one client based and case files. They give support and guidance on family violence, conflicts, Abuse and other resources etc. “Social workers investigate cases of family violence, child abuse and neglect and take protective action as required. Recruits Foster parents or supervises the placement of children in protective care. Others work on adoption cases” (Canadian Association of social workers) In health and community, Social workers are...

References: Advance professional education in light of changing contexts for practice
Understand the impact of legislation and social policy on the clients and communities we serve.” (Social work Policy Institue, 2012) These are reasons why social work is needed (International Federation of Social Workers, 2008)
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