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Katie EatonMay 11, 2012
English 2nd periodRough Draft
Being a Social Worker an interesting, interactive job that entails a lot of work. "We try to fulfill the needs of human beings" ("Career Day"). It takes a dedication to empowering people for their dignity and worth. This can involve working with, communication with and teaching people many things. You will also help others and provide service to them. This job can include preparing individuals for the professional practice and services. Social Work will also involve helping many people, groups, and communities. You will be able to help the people and communities with problems, whether it be individual or groups therapies. Things like poverty, racism, discrimination,physical/mental illness, and addiction and abuse can be huge issues that a social worker can help with. There are many types of jobs that have to do with Social Work. You need to know to plan, evaluate, revise curricula, course content, the materials, and methods of instruction. Knowing the history of the job is very important. Collaboration with other health care professionals in hospitals and other health care facilities and organizations are a very important thing to know about this job.You need to be able to collaborate with colleges and community agencies to address teaching and research issues. Much information is needed before hand to know what the job is all about. You should know the basic information of the job, the education and training involved, experience, skills and statistics. This job is interesting to me people it involves helping people in many different ways with many different situations.

To be involved in this type of work, you must know the general information of this job before understanding other requirements and issues. There are many tasks involved in Social Work. You need to be able to initiate, facilitate and moderate classroom discussions. You must evaluate and grade student's classroom assignments and papers. Being able to prepare and deliver lectures to undergraduate or graduate students on topics is needed. To be able to do Social Work, you need to keep abreast of developments in the field by reading current literature. Talking with colleges and participating in professional conferences. You must conduct research in a particular field of knowledge, journals, books and electronic media. Supervising undergraduate or graduate teaching, internship or research work. Also, you must maintain regular scheduled office hours to advise and assist students. Preparing individuals for the professional practice and associating with social welfare, case work, planning, social counseling and intervention strategies are an important necessity to know for this line of work. In order to know this job fully specific applications in areas such as child welfare and family services, probation, employment services and disability counseling are important services to know in the case that you are needed for the use of one of them. Interesting to me is Clinical/Medical Social Work. For this part of Social Work it deals with psychiatric case work, and clinical interviewing techniques. Also, therapeutic intervention strategies, patient testing and evaluating, social rehabilitation, and patient care planning are a huge part of Social Work. You also need to be able to do record keeping in order to do any type of social work. When it comes to the counseling part of this job, you need to be able to do a lot of things. You need to do things such as, leading group sessions, research social problems, and develop policy and programs. This line of work is very competitive, and usually goes to more experienced people. There are many parts of background information you need to know before entering this profession, and as you can see if you are going into this line of work, you will need to know a lot about the job before entering the world of Social Work.

Education and training are the main...
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