Social Work Working with Children and Families

Topics: Sociology, Social work, International Federation of Social Workers Pages: 9 (3237 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Social care working with children and families
Level 4
Final exam

1. In your own words summarise the major learning points from the whole of the programme with particular reference to : * Principles of social work with children and families
* The process of social work with children and families
* Working with adults in the family
* Immediate protection of the child
* Working with the family as a group
* Working with children being looked after by the local authority * Social work with families through transitions. Loss and Gain * Children and families and special needs

The course provides has provided me with a great understanding and knowledge a social workers role and a families function, the difficulties and benefits a social worker faces everyday when working with families and children. The duty of a social worker is to provide support to parents and children, also to elderly when they are part of the family. It’s there job to ensure the dignity and respect for each individual to secure their well being. The principles of social work with families and children are to encourage the individuals in taking their own decision according with their rights, beliefs and values’ ( social workers must ensure these persons have access to all the information and services allowing them to participate), to treat people wholly through taking consideration of their society, community, environment , family and themselves, to identify the families and children’s strengths and limits in order to support them in areas where they need empowerment and improvement, to challenge oppressive practices and encourage “change” so as to build a fair society and fight discrimination based on a person’s age ,religion, language, race etc. ( An individual has a right to have diversity recognition and respect), that ensures families and children benefits from access to equal resources according to their specific needs (fair distribution of resources), to collaborate with different professionals and agencies under the law in practices and regulations to empower these clients, that opposes to stereotypes and any kind of marginalization or social exclusion these individuals may face and work in solidarity and trust to build an equal society that considers social care one of the high priority plans. The social workers job is address tensions between care and control, this is good practice in working in partnership with families and children, to respect the process of social work: assessment (identifying family needs, issues, resources of the family), planning (through considering the resources that are available and accessible, checking the different options, determining risks that are related to these options and choices, and formulate a contract with families and children where the roles and tasks are agreed before implementation), implementation (carrying out the formulated plan with respect to the law and its regulations), monitoring , review and evaluating ( the conclusion of the work, looking at decisions and achievements, judging the service, concluding the intervention). The social workers top priority is to focus on the children’s wishes and needs, it is very important to remember that not only children and young people have difficulties, but like wises adults too. There are many cases in which domestic violence, black/GLBT oppression, when parents need assistance to care for their children. Elderly people also have different issues and needs and assistance that may need support (need for security, stimulation, freedom from guilt and so forth). Social work with adults may imply dealing with situations that may have a negative impact on children, like addictions alcohol/drugs, violence, distance, relationship issues, etc. The cause of the issues must be identified to enable the social worker to help adults, and provide all information and advices, but the social workers intervention can be a hard task...
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