Social Work Program Evaluation

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University of Texas at El Paso Bachelor of Social Work Program Evaluation

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Susie Villalobos, M.Ed.
Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Doctoral Student
University of Texas at El Paso, El Paso, Texas

Academic Roles and Responsibilities
CHSC 6343
May 7, 2013
The National Association of Social Workers (NASW), outlines the primary mission of Social Work “is to enhance human well-being and help meet the basic human needs of all people, with particular attention to the needs and empowerment of people who are vulnerable, oppressed, and living in poverty” (2008).1 The identity of the profession is somewhat vague at times, as the profession can fill many roles, work in a number of settings, and require licensure by states. The activities, competencies and behaviors for the profession, also require a critical component of self-knowledge to effectively work in the field.1 Current undergraduate BSW programs laid the foundation in course work that will prepare the student for a wide range of community work as well as group work, and one-on-one practice. The BSW allows a student to pursue a Masters of Social Work for completion of licensure as a Certified Social Worker. Workforce demand, overview of comparable curriculum programs, and any available data going back at least 3 years will be included in this assessment.

Limitations: Much of the data was not available online and requests for information of the BSW program went unanswered. For this reason data is reported as recent as possible versus a 5 year history. Purpose of Analysis

The purpose of this analysis is to compare the University of Texas at El Paso Bachelor of Social Work Program (BSW), to three comparable universities in the region offering the same educational program. The goals of enrollment (participation), graduation (success) rates and retention rates by the Texas Higher Education Board “Closing the Gap” state initiative 2 will be the primary focus. University of Texas at El Paso BSW Program

Currently there are over 140 students enrolled in the BSW program at UTEP. UTEP’s social work program began its early history at the College of Liberal Arts. The program was transferred to the College of Health Sciences around 2004 for purposes of applying for accreditation. One of the key aspects for accreditation, are internships (field study), and use of evidenced based practices within the curriculum, which the College of Liberal Arts at the time had difficulty establishing. There were many changes to the program with the revision of policies, practices and admissions. Table 1. UTEP Incoming Cohorts past 3 years

2010 Cohort| 2011 Cohort| 2012 Fall Cohort|
60 students| 50 students| 41|

Revisions to admission are much more stringent to enter into the program as seen by the figures in Table 1. UTEP’s goal of an accredited program had to include students that could meet the higher standards as set forth by the accreditation board. Accordingly, the goals of the program were also improved to lay the groundwork for their MSW program that began in the summer of 2010.3 The UTEP MSW is currently the only program to focus primarily on work along the U.S. – Mexico border region. UT Austin reported 348 undergraduate students for their BSW program based on their Offices of Information Management and Analysis report. NMSU and UTPA requests for enrollment for 2012-2013 could not be acquired. Table 2. UTEP BSW Program Mission

Educate| Services| Partnerships|
Culturally competent social work practitioners| Provide services and promote social and economic justice| Unique multicultural, international population of the Paso Del Norte region and beyond|

Table 3. UTEP BSW Program Academic Goals
1. Provide students with liberal-arts based, generalist social work knowledge, skills, and values related to professional practice with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities from a...

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