Social Work

Topics: Sociology, Education, Teacher Pages: 3 (844 words) Published: June 18, 2013
A career in social work gets people involved the community and the world. Social work is a profession that helps to improve problems faced in society in order to make it better and more civilized. Going into this project I knew all of the common and most basic information about social work. But, as I began to research more on the profession if social work, I learned more than I actually thought I knew. Social work is a great profession that involves people helping people and improving the lives of people all over the world.

Making a difference in another person’s life was a huge attraction from social work to me. I have always been the type of person who has a genuine love for helping others. I get great joy out of it and it makes me feel rewarding. I truly believed that my love for helping others was my life’s purpose. The only difficulty I had was figuring out the right career that would allow me to fulfill my purpose. As freshman in high school is where I began my search for the perfect career. I took the time out for two summer’s straight and attended something similar to job shadowing with family members who currently held profession that involved helping people. This is when I was introduced to the field of social work. Even though there were other career fields that would fit my purpose, social work was the only career I felt was just right for me. I felt that social work was the right field for because it fitted my personality perfectly and not only did I want to help people hands on, I also wanted to be able to go outside of my office and help as well. Social work was the field that would allow me to do so. The profession itself is not as stressful compared to the medical professions. Social work professions involve face-to-face communication that is not as intense as other face-to-face conditions.

While looking further in to the career that am attempting to pursue, I have gained a lot of knowledge from research and interviews which have inspired...

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