Social Welfare

Topics: Starvation, Murder, Welfare Pages: 3 (1138 words) Published: September 14, 2013
Social Welfare in the News
Girl, 3, Starved to Death; Parents Charged Philadelphia Inquirer, published September 09, 2013 Three year old, Nathalyz Riveras, is a severely disabled girl who was born blind and diagnosed with down syndrome. Living in a home with two unmarried parents, Carmen Ramirez (mother) and Carlos Riveras (father), and four other siblings between the ages of 3-9, one being her twin, sounds like an ordinary family trying to live a “normal family” life; not in this case. Recently, news about Nathalyz Riveras was pronounced dead of starvation weighing about 11lbs at Einstein Medical Center. The Medical Examiner stated that she could have been dead hours before she was taken to Einstein. The sad reality is, Nathalyz lived in an unsanitary row house out in West Oak Lane with her family. At the time of Nathalyz death, neither parent was home. Later that night, Mr. Riveras discovered that Nathalyz was not breathing and immediately called Ms. Ramirez instead of calling 911. Ms. Ramirez came home from her boyfriend’s house and wrapped her daughter in a blanket that was not clean and brought her to the hospital. In this case, it becomes a social matter because a child died in a home where both parents were not home and questions about how this situation occurred is on the rise in order for action to take place.

At Einstein Medical Center, the medical examiner discovered that Nathalyz’s body was marked with insect and/or rodent bites. It became obvious to them when they opened up the dirty blanket she was wrapped in when a roach crawled across her body. Her bones were apparent and protruding through her skin. The medical examiner announced that the child’s death is a homicide by starvation. Police noticed not only bug bites on the child’s...
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