Social Trends of Singapore

Topics: Weather, Demography, Extreme weather Pages: 1 (284 words) Published: February 27, 2011
During the year of 2020, developments found within Singapore society may vary from different trends technical, social, global or even with the increasing of other high technological tools. The possibility of people being connecting and communicating by mobile devices, work being done by robots instead of human beings and digital books replacing real books. In the near future, globalization will continue with more and more people moving over to other parts of the world. The population of Singapore will have more retirees in 2020, due to an increase with longevity older workers will continue to contribute to the society. Whereas the younger generations tend to be more career minded and taking on leadership positions, more entrepreneurs and less birthrate. This could be a very problematic situation for Singapore. Societal trends are being predicted like the downfall of organizations together with the other institutions, workers might reconsider their career prospects and switch to freelancers.

The demographics trends that could happen in the local and global environment of Singapore could be the global workforce being source, organize and manage could change dramatically. In the year 2020, markets might emerge significantly and organizations might have the need to source for talent from all over the world. Due to the mobile population increasing in large organizations, extreme lengths and even creative ideas are use to retain or even secure talents in its existing workforce. In the demographic trends for local environment is to reduce the carbon emissions and Singapore is quite vulnerable to the impacts of climate change of rising temperatures and sea levels as well as increasing frequency and extreme weather events affecting Singapore. Therefore in the year 2020, potential climate change are expected to happen.
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