Social Study (Thesis paper)

Topics: Dynasty, Philippines, Political corruption Pages: 9 (2128 words) Published: May 23, 2014

Arellano University
Plaridel Campus

“Social Study”

Concept Paper: The Causes and Consequences of Political Dynasty in every Citizen in the Philippines.

A partial Fulfillment for the Course Requirements
in Social Studies 4

Submitted by:
Queeny Micah M. Deliguer

Submitted to:
Mr. Leo Paolo Dilay
I. Introduction


Politics in the Philippines has been under the control of a few notable families. It is normal for a politician's son, wife, brother, and others to run for the same or other government office. The terms in Filipinos to describe this practice of "Political Dynasty"

This are some Advantage of other Politician’s that it is too obvious about us on their weaknesses how do they maintain in the position, they use mostly citizens in the poor neighborhoods, squatters, etc. by the influence of political dynasties has slowly changed its image and eventually changed the shape and culture of the House of Representatives and even the Senate, where creating political dynasties of considerable quantity has become more of a business strategy than of a public service and some of them they use their richest for their Goal in life and to follow the generations they had for their Wealth in Life.

In this paper, it show that political power in the Philippines is too political influences for a Bad result to our country and that the presence of political dynasties does not merely reflect differences in ability across families. We can define dynasty as a corrupted as a power-treatment effect, where by holding political power for longer increases the probability that they attain political power in the future regardless of family characteristics. In order to prove a causal relationship between political and some dynastic success by the good reason.

Title of the Study: The Causes and Consequences of Political Dynasty in every Citizens in the Philippines.

II. Purpose of the Study:

To know people's government corruption by inheriting their possession to maintain.
This study is to convince the community that corruption is a problem that we must stop because it causes of poverty in the nation and the only thing that happens over and over is that the government officials control the power and steal the money and use the money to get re-elected.

By performing this study, it will answer the following purposes: 1. Knowledge about the different faces of corruption.
2. The citizens opinions and feelings on what way they see our countries politics in a deeper and borderless way.
3. May this study help those people at a disadvantage to express themselves.
4. Irregularities from these practice in government that gives way to corruptions.

III. Significance of the Study:

This study is performed for the people, not only the society but also the government to be aware of the citizens situations regarding the topic on how it affects their everyday life and how it affects their rights in their respective societies.

The findings in this study are beneficial to the following:

To our Government in this study we can tolerate political dynasties if they themselves can tolerate doing righteous and honest public service to the Filipino people of whom they owe their positions in the first place.

To the Future Researchers of this nation this will give them some ideas as a responsible citizen on how they discipline there country and to choose the right people for the government.

To the Filipino Citizens it may help to gain respect by giving attention to this situation, and help them obtain the transparency of the government and give importance for them to prevent themselves from being manipulated by Families of politicians, because it’s their life and future that are at risk in the situation

IV. Conceptual Framework

Fig. 1. The Conceptual Framework of Causes and...

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