Social Studies School Based Assessment

Topics: Promotion and relegation Pages: 6 (1570 words) Published: January 17, 2013
The successful completion of this study would not have been possible or successful without the help of some persons. First the researcher would like to thank the heavenly father for wisdom; knowledge and understanding for making the completion of this project a success, special thanks to the subject teacher who helped a lot in guidance every step of the way. I would also like to thank my parents assisting me and also for their financial support, my peers for sharing their resources, and most importantly I would like to thank all the respondants for answering my questionnaires. I am expressing my gratitude for your help and it was greatly appreciated.


Statement of Problem
Do you think slow learners will benefit from automatic promotion in schools?

Reasons for selecting area of Research
The researcher chose the area of research because he wanted to find out: •If automatic promotion is supported parents, students and teachers. •If it has positive impact on fast and slow learners.

If slow learners benefit from automatic promotion.

Method of Investigation
The researcher obtained data through the method of questionnaires.

Advantages of this method
It would be more convenient to the community.
It would take less time to obtain the information needed. •It would be confidential

Disadvantages of this Method
It is expense.
It could be easily damaged.
Careless persons can misplace the questionnaire sheets.

Instrument Used to collect Data
Survey on automatic promotion in schools.
Dear Respondent,
A survey is being carried out on Automatic Promotion in my school, Three Miles Secondary. This is being conducted for a School Base Assessment in Social Studies. This is being done to determine whether or not automatic promotion has advantages or disadvantages to students. You are being asked to answer each question honestly. Please be informed that it is confidential and no one will know who answer. Just remember, this is not a test. It is just based on your opinion. Most questions will be answered by using a () or by answering with short sentences or phrases. Thank you

Yours truly
Carlos Holmes
1.What is your gender?
Male Female
2.Age range
3.What is your religion?
Muslim Hinduism Christian Other
4.What is your ethnicity?
East Indian African Amerindian Mixed
5.Marital status
Single Divorced
Married Widow/widower
6.Are you employed?
7.If yes what is your occupation?
8.What do you understand by automatic promotion?
9.Do you think automatic promotion should be accepted in every school? YesNo
10.What do you think is the main disadvantage of automatic promotion? School dropouts
Conflicts between the high flyers and slow learners
The students wouldn’t be able to catch up with the level of work Other (please specify) __________________________________
11.What do you think is the main advantage of automatic promotion? There would be no repeaters
The students wouldn’t be affected emotionally
No more school dropouts
Other (please specify) ___________________________________
12.If a student is automatically promoted to another grade, do you think he/she will be motivated to do better in school? YesNo
13.If yes or no, in what way?

14.If a student is asked to repeat a class because he/she did not receive a certain grade at their annual examination, do you think it is fair to students? YesNo
15.Why do you think so?
16.In what way do you think automatic promotion will help in the level of education? The child/children may be...
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