Social studies sba teenage violence- Task 1-5
Topics: Male, Female, Sex, Gender, Adolescence, Violence / Pages: 4 (508 words) / Published: Oct 27th, 2014

Task 1: Statement of Problem
“What are the factors that influence the increase of teenage violence in the Community of Marriaqua?”
Task 2: Reason For Selecting The Area Of Research
The reason for selecting the Topic, “What are the factors that influence the increase of teenage violence in the Community of Marriaqua?” is to show how much teenage violence affects the community. In the community of Marriaqua, there is increasing violence amongst teenagers which are beginning to affect the adults in the area. This Unfortunate increase in violence has propelled me to investigate the cause of the increases in violence and find solutions to reduce the increase of violence amongst teenagers.
Task 3: Method of Investigation
The investigation method used for this study is a questionnaire. The use of a questionnaire provided the most logical and ethical method of acquiring data for the investigation. As a result the information can easily be analyzed and used to form excellent investigation results.
Task 4: Data Collection Instrument
Dear respondent, My name is Kristofa Morgan. I am currently a Fourth form student of the St. Vincent Grammar School. I was given the task to complete a social studies School Based Assessment (SBA), on the topic “How prevalent is teenage violence in Marriaqua.” I would be grateful for your corporation in completing this assignment. Likewise, any information shared will remain strictly confidential.
Please tick the box with the most appropriate/suitable response and write in the answers where necessary. Thank you.
Male Female
12 or younger 15-17 18-19 20 or older
Where do you think teenage violence on the increase most in Marriaqua?
Home Street SchoolAll of the above
Where is teenage violence most

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