Social Studies Deterrence and Diplomacy

Topics: ASEAN, Singapore, Diplomacy Pages: 5 (1557 words) Published: May 4, 2013
* Deterrence Singapore's deterrence policy is based on being prepared for any form of threats while developing diplomatic relationships with as many countries as possible. Deterrence refers to the measures to prevent and protect a country from various threats such as other countries and terrorists. Deterrence is necessary to protect a country and to give people a sense of security. * 7. Means of deterrence: Military Defence Citizen armed force: Singapore cannot afford a large professional army. NS was introduced to build a citizen armed force. All able-bodied male citizens were called up to serve full-time NS. Helps Singaporean men learn to defend their country. Helps in terms of bonding as they share a common experience during their training. Continue to serve as reservists for a maximum of 40 days per year for 10 years  and attend constant training and re-training. Develop sense of loyalty, patriotism and a shared destiny for Singapore. * 8. Means of Deterrence: Military Defence 3rd Generation SAF: Warfare has become more complex in recent years. SAF needs to stay current and enhance its abilities. SAF started a project with research institutes and local universities to develop the third generation SAF. Aim: To create an intelligent defence force whether surveillance and strike systems of the SAF operate together to provide early intelligence in order to help destroy the enemy before they can locate us. * 9. Means of Deterrence: Military Defence Defence Industry: An army needs the latest technology and equipment.  Singapore has built up its own defence industries through: Chartered Industries of Singapore (CIS) in 1967. It is now a successful defence company. Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA) in 2000. Focuses on buying and upgrading weapons and also conducts defence-related research.  Allows Singapore to build up the capabilities and effectiveness of the SAF by developing a powerful defence force. This helps Singapore to overcome its constraints by self-sufficiency and its own innovations. * 10. Means of Deterrence: Military Defence Having a strong military which is highly trained, well equipped and self-sufficient allows Singapore to protect itself from foreign threats. The strong military will serve as a deterrence against potential enemies as it will either defeat the aggressor or at least be able inflict heavy casualties to the aggressor to cause the aggressor to think twice about invading Singapore. * 12. Means of Deterrence: Total Defence Introduced in 1984 to involve everyone in the defence of singapore. 5 aspects: Military Civil Defence Economic Defence Social Defence Psychological Defence. Helps Singaporeans believe that Singapore is worth defending. Involving the people in the defence of the country through everyday things helps to strengthen the people's resilience as a nation. Deters potential aggressors as they face the entire nation and not just the armed forces. * 13. Means of Deterrence: Multi-agency Co-ordination National Security Co-ordination Secretariat (NSCS) was setup to co-ordinate the work of various ministries, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Meets regularly to plan national security strategies and policies. Facilitates close networking and co-ordination to strengthen and enhance Singapore's national security. Prevent, protect and respond to any threats by sharing intelligence and resources. Leads to an integrated response to any threats which is more effective than a singular response by individual ministries. * 14. Means of Deterrence: Military co-operation with other countries Singapore fosters friendly ties with armed forces from other countries through the use of: Bilateral military agreements and exercises: Singapore has military agreements with various counties to allow Singapore troops to train in their countries, e.g. Australia and New Zealand. Singapore conducts regular military exercises and training with...
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