“Social Sector Expenditure and Human Development Index Ranking of States in India”

Topics: States and territories of India, Human Development Index, India Pages: 17 (6113 words) Published: April 19, 2013
“Social Sector Expenditure and Human Development Index Ranking of States in India” Dr. Subhash A. Jadhav*
Mr. Ranjit A. Todkar **
Social Sector Expenditure of the States is playing very significant role in socio-economic development of India in general and States in particularly. The prime objectives of social sector expenditure of the States are to improve the standard of living of the peoples and to achieve maximum social welfare. This Social Sector Expenditure in India includes expenditure on education, health and family welfare, rural water supply, women and child development, welfare of schedule cast, tribal welfare of disable and so on. This Social Sector Expenditure of the States is increasing very rapidly and continuously with the increasing population. There are various indicators and parameters which are used for the measurement of socio-economic development. These indicators are suggested by World Bank and UNDP. Human Development Index (HDI) is one of them. Under this over all background the present study is attempted to analyze the impact of Social Sector Expenditure, growth rate of GSDP on Human Resource Development by taking into consideration HDI ranking of the States, States ranking in the GSDP and raking of the States in per capita Social Sector Expenditure. The main objective of the study is to find out functional relationship between Social Sector Expenditure and HDI. The present study covers 25 years from 1981-2005 and 15 major States in India. The study is based on available secondary data. The purposive research method is used and attempts have made to find out what extent State government has succeeded in the achievements of Human Resource Development. After careful study 15 major States in India we arrived at a conclusion that the only Social Sector Expenditure alone is not adequate for the development of Human Resource; along with Social Sector Expenditure economic growth also required for Human Resource development. ______________________________________________________________________________ -------------------------------------------------

Keywords - Social Sector Expenditure, HDI, Per capita Social Sector Expenditure, Paradox of development , Gross State Domestic Product.

* Associate Professor and Head, Dept. of Business Economics, D. R. Mane Mahavidyalaya, Kagal Dist Kolhapyur.(MH)
**Research Student Dept of Economics Shivaji University, Kolhapur.

Social Sector Expenditure And Human Development Index Ranking of States in India Dr. Subhash A. Jadhav*
Mr. Ranjit A. Todkar **

I. Introduction
The experience of 1950’s and1960’s when many developing nations did realize their economic growth target in terms of GNP. But the levels of the living of the vast masses of the people remained almost unchanged. This implied that something was very wrong with the narrow definition of development in which GNP growth rate was highly emphasized. An increasing number of economists and policy makers clamored for the ‘dethronement’ of GNP and the elevation of the direct attacks on wide spread absolute poverty, increasing inequitable income distribution and rising unemployment. In short during the 1970’s, economic development came to be redefined in terms of the reduction or elimination of poverty, inequality and unemployment within the context of growing economy. Modern view of Economic Development

Recently the concept of economic development has been further widened so that it now involves not only reduction in poverty, inequality and unemployment but also requires improvement in quality of life which includes cleaner environment, better education, good health and nutrition. On the basis of various ingredients of good quality of life and other criteria such as enlargement of human choices and freedom, a human development index is prepared by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). This human development index is considered as a better indicator of economic development...
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