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Topics: Qing Dynasty, China, Mao Zedong Pages: 11 (3049 words) Published: February 23, 2014
Class discussion 10/24
The middle kingdom – an idea that china was at the center of the world, therefore they were the most civilized Everything started from the chinese
Very ethnocentric (an idea that elevates your own groups opposed to others) This was true about the efficient beaurcratic system
political unity for over 2,000 years
engineering accomplishments (great wall, grand canal)
agriculture was efficient
confucious philosophical concepts
art and its functions
the people
majority were the Han in “china proper”
china proper
like right in the middle of china
Order of people in terms of respect
Peasants 80-90% of population (produced all the food)
Artisans (produced clothes and shit)
Soldiers were not considered in the ranks
Actors and prostitutes weren’t either
Irrigation was needed for the north
South was all rice so they needed mad people to help
So the group was more emphasized
Family was huge and so important
Family relationship was patriarchal – over women and children Injury + insult – women had shitty lives
Foot binding – crush their feet so they look like flowers or some shit To be a person in the govt. you had to be able to pass certain exams 1st level of exams meant you could be in local govt.
2nd level of exams = regional govt.
3rd level = national govt.
this gave the wealthy class an advantage because they have money to pay for education system was not entirely closed meaning you could rise in the ranks and become a scholar dynastic cycle – eventually with every dynasty they stopped doing well and corruption took over and shit would hit the fan. The people then had the right to overthrow the dynasty once it lost its mandate of heaven mandate of heaven- the dynasty that was ruling had support of the gods but only if he ruled the people well confusious – the two fundamentals

social harmony
good govt.

Class Discussion 10/28
Qin dynasty
Unified china but did it through brutal methods
Han dynasty
Exams and expansion
Afterwards dynasty
Became most technologically advanced country
Mandarinate – top officials and ranked and ranked people who passed those tests and spoke mandarin Censorate – reported straight to the emperor and made sure to keep govt. honest and hard working The govt. circulated the officials to end corruption and what not Emperor sill had all power and would get rid of any officials in a whim Mongol dynasty

Culture was turned backwards and were thrown out of china rather quickly, conquered by the ming Ming Dynasty
Got rid of the mongols, first started out very strong doing many things, but eventually stagnation and corruption and was then overthrown Ching dynasty (not a majority ethnic group in china) (everything ching from here down) Chinese accepted things because this new govt. adopted Confucianism Started out extremely strong in all aspects, gained even more acceptance because of their great start Tributery system of trade – china = most civilzed an best place, do the kowtow if u wanted to trade with china (bend over him as superior, bring emperor gifts and all that Had to stay in special camps (guangzhuo) with no women and could only trade with the cohong Cohong = privaledged chinese merchants that dealt with European traders Economic problem because Britain wanted what china had but china did not want what Britain had Opium = solution to this problem

Went up like crazy, increased 20,000% during ching dynasty
Gold and solver was now flowing back to Britain
Shit was going downhill
Famine because population was growing and food production was declining White lotus rebellion – failed but took 8 years to suppress it because military was in such bad shape Sent Lin Zexui to Guangzhou to deal with the opium trade

Did not get a response from his letter to the queen of England so he burned a massive amount of opium British declared war on china and fucked them up First unequal treatise (1842-1844)
1. US treaty...
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