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Sociology is the study of society (Giddens, 1994 cited in Barry and Yuill, 2012), within social relationships, culture and institutions. This enables studies to analyse important matters and assist with the understanding of an individual within all aspects of life, community, and the world. Sociology is concerned with the key issues such as understanding the shift in the distribution of power between various social groups (Peter Kivitso, 1998).
C Wright Mills came up with the 'sociological Imagination' theory and within its promise he states that, “the sociological imagination enables us to grasp history, biography and the relations between the two within society”, in this he also stated “that it is its task and promise”.
This is evident as we are born into a social world that has already been constructed, these dominating structures and values seem 'natural' and so another way of life becomes invisible. Thus we need to stretch our minds, so not to take things for granted but to question them. (Barry and Yuill, 2012).
This would allow one to use the sociological imagination, in a way that one would need to think beyond our own experiences, as it teaches us an appreciation of different cultures thus questioning what 'common sense' really is, as common sense to one may be seen in a totally different light to how another may see it (Barry and Yuill, 2012).
The sociological imagination is relevant to nursing as it gives the nurse a better ability to understand the patient as a person, and allows for an ability in enhancing the quality of care that can be things may not always be what they seem (Berger 1963, citied Denny and Earle).
The “taken for granted approach” can often be perceived when a patient is taken into hospital, as more than often, other issues may be overlooked (Earle, 2001, cited in Denny and Earle, 2009, p.35). It is possible that all diagnosis is based relatively upon

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