Social Sample Paper Class 8 Cbse

Topics: Jawaharlal Nehru, Indian independence movement, Rajendra Prasad Pages: 3 (440 words) Published: June 5, 2013
CLASS:VIII TIME:1.30HRS MARKS:60__________________________________________________________________________

SECTION -A- History 20 marks

I Answer these in 20 words 2x5=10 1. What is imperialism?
2. In which part of India did the Portuguese settle?
3.Why was the pitt’s India act passed?
4. Who was a Ryot ?
5. Who was Birsa Munda?

II Answer these in 30 words 3x2=6 1. What role did Begum Hazrat Mahal play in the revolt?
2. What was the woods dispatch?

III Answer these in 100 words 4x1=4 1. Write a brief note on the tribes of India.

SECTION-B-Geography 20 marks

IV Multiple Choice Questions 5x1=5 1. 2/3rd of the fresh water of the earth is contained in
a. deserts b. ice caps and glaciers c. rivers, ponds & lakes 2. Maximum fresh water is used for ______.
a. Drinking b. Irrigation of fields c. Washing clothes
3.Contamination of water is
a. Health hazard b. Healthy c. None of these
4. Planting new trees is called ________.
a. Refforestation b. Deforestation c. Biomes
5. An animal being wiped out from the earth’s surface is called to be _______. a. Extinct b. Carnivore c. Endangered species

V Answer these in 20 words 2x5=10 1. Name a few man-made resources
2. Define chernozems.
3. Which states benefit from the Damodar Valley project?
4. Give any two uses of copper
5. What is meant by wildlife?

VI Answer in about 100 words 5x1=5 1. Write any 5 causes of water shortage....
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