Social Responsibility and Company

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Company Q and Social Responsibility Social responsibility is a key attribute for businesses in the market today. When consumers look to spend their disposable income, they look for businesses that not only offer the right product, at the right price, but that also offer great service. Great service can include anything from friendly employees to community involvement. That is where social responsibility becomes apparent in a company’s ethics and values. If a company has a strong tie to the community and demonstrates social responsibility, their consumers will consider this a positive quality and it will separate them from the competition. In this case study with Company Q, they are lacking in the area of social responsibility. There are three major areas where the company can immediately make positive changes to improve their social standing in the neighborhoods where they operate. Making these changes and becoming more socially responsible is crucial for this company to see longevity as a business and to increase their market share. They will eventually lose patrons and income if they are not careful with how they manage their company’s interaction with their community. The first area for them to review is the closing of stores in high crime areas. Company Q has cited the reason for closing these stores as low sales and lost revenues in that area. Closing these stores has negative impacts on the company image. Consider the employees that are now without work. Even the extended community could view Company Q as the “bad guy.” It can be displayed as an attitude that the company cares more about the bottom line than the people in the area that would potentially be supporting the company. To improve in this area, Company Q should be challenged to interact with the community to determine why their sales are lower and what products would be beneficial to the neighborhood. Since the neighborhood is not as affluent as...
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