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The great Zionist leader Ze’ev Jabotinsky wrote over a century ago: “Spiritual rootlessness is no less horrendous than physical insecurity.” He added: “The dangers of spiritual impoverishment were greatest exactly where external pressures were weakest or non-existent.”

Today, this quote speaks much more than in the past to the American Jews. While there are isolated cases of anti-Semitism there aren’t real physical problems or many external pressures facing American Jewry.

The biggest problem is one of Jewish continuity. There are only some programs succeeding in educating or exciting the next generation of American Jews.

Judaism suffers an integration and demographic problem.

Many Jews marry non-Jewish partners. This wouldn't be a problem if the non-Jewish partners converted, but many don’t want to do it. But the worst is that the Jewishness is passed down maternally, so if a male Jew marries a female gentile, his descendants won’t be Jews. That’s why the population is growing so slowly and it barely even with the death rate.

More other, many Jews grow up without a full understanding of their heritage and religion. They lose their religious observance and thus cannot teach their children about Judaism and so on.

Couple the integration problems with low religious observance and you gets a slowly declining population who is unaware of their religion. Trends

What about the American Jews?

In this following graphic we can see that Jewish people are more democrat than the average population.

They are aging, well educate and with a high income.
Only a small percentage of American Jews are Orthodox and there is also a highly intermarried between them. And contrary as the stereotype, a large percentage of American Jews are not formally part of the community.

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