Social Psychology Scenario

Topics: Social psychology, Adolescence, Sociology Pages: 2 (822 words) Published: April 14, 2014
Nina Davenport
PSY/ 201
Social Psychology Scenario
Sarah is experiencing her teenage life by deciding on whether to lie or not to lie to her parents concerning her night out with the ladies. Sooner or later all teens will go through stages to assist in the separation of parent/child. In this situation we have a teenager who’s influenced to make her first adult decision at the age of fifteen. Sarah is bright young lady, her main focus is school and family. She has also always been someone who has obeyed and respected both her parents. In the scenario Sarah’s attitude regarding her curfew is based on the age change. Sarah is dealing with many feelings, before deciding to attend the party, which will cause her to be late for curfew. Notice how this scenario does not include a phone call to her parents, which would have done according to the upbringing described within the scenario. Sarah has now pondering going to the party with her new group of friends. She feels most certain that she can develop a reasonable explanation to her parents as to why she’s returning home after curfew. The trust between a parent and child is at risk. Will the fear of breaking her trust with her parents outweigh the promised of the fun she might experience with her new group of friends? In this situation, Sarah, chooses the acceptance of her new friends by attending the party without asking permission. As our children get older, we as parent just want to know our children are safe or home and the child wants to be treated as an adult. Therefore, we come across some factors contributing to the power-struggle between the parent and child. Most of the challenges that children and parents are faced with is puberty, emotions, peer pressure, etc. Sarah conform to her peers by allowing herself not to remain the responsible teenager she was raised to be. Hearing the hype about the party influenced her more. This type of action is affiliated with normative social influence, which allows one...
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