Social Psychology

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Psychological Disorders

Etiology of Psychological Disorders

Describe the following perspectives on the etiology of psychological disorders:

|Perspective |Description of Perspective | |Biological Perspective |Researching topics that study animals and human behavior such as the immune system, nervous | | |system, and genetics. | |Learning Perspective |Learning from others behaviors through the environment. | |Cognitive Factors |Researching to recognize maladaptive thinking to change people’s ways of thinking. | |Diathesis-Stress Model |Researching to understand the interaction between genetics and environment to understand a | | |person’s depression, anxiety, or addiction. | |Personality Factors |Studying the personality traits of others. | |Social-Cognitive Perspective |Researching social behavior, interpreting, and judging the behavior and patterns of others. | |Psychological Factors |Studying and researching all the different psychological disorders. |

Classifications of Psychological Disorders

List and briefly describe the major classifications of psychological disorders discussed in the text, and list the major disorders found under each classification.

|DSM-IV-TR Classification |Description of Classification |Disorders Included | |Axis I...
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