Social Psychology

Topics: Psychology, Bystander effect, Cognitive dissonance Pages: 3 (1101 words) Published: December 24, 2012
General psychology

Alexey Mishkel

Assignment II


Assignment II

Social psychology is very useful and interesting part of a science. It concerns many aspects of human nature, person’s perceptions, emotions, attitudes and relations between people (Wade & Tavris 1998). Personally, I think that theories of Self-fulfilling prophecy, bystander apathy “altruism” and Cognitive Dissonance could be very important in many situations not only in science. It is a great to know people reactions and emotions. Next time I will know how to take the advantage in conflicts, studying of these theories, improve my life and helps me to realize human nature.

Bystander Apathy is a fact that refers to cases where people do not offer help in an emergency situation to the victim when others are present (Graham, 1986). 10 years ago, not far from South Kavkaz, in the little village of Tarasovka was a serious incident. On the outskirts of the settlement, the house was burned down, the whole family died inside of this two-storey building. The reason was a burning cigarette in bin. This house was situated in the centre of the street. It was morning when this place started to burn; there were a lot of people around this area, some of them spoke on the phones, others went to work. But everyone could see that terrible situation, in five minutes some people understood what was going on, but they did not do anything. People in front of the house spoke about this fire, looked at each other, but did not start any actions to save people inside. The reason was Diffusion of Responsibility; they considered that somebody helps this family, called the fire department, but there was no help from anyone. This crow was sure that somebody did this call; all of these people shift responsibility to others. As a result these people made a crowd, and did not realize that it was their mistake, they could help that family. Experience of this story is very important,...
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