Social Process

Topics: Sociology, Society, Conflict Pages: 5 (1716 words) Published: July 18, 2013
society is conceived of as the framework or totality in which human beings engage in social is regarded as a social environment comprising the aggregate total of people of different backgrounds, aspirations, abilities and personalities. human beings are born into a set of social relationships which greatly influence their lives. from the cradle to the grave, human beings are molded and socialized by the agents of society. interaction may also pertain to the mutual experiences that individuals and groups have one another in their attempt to solve problems in striving towards goals (green, 1982). every society has a certain set of goals and seeks to find the accept alternative to achieve the goals, and people strive to attain the goals by way of resorting to social process, either through cooperation, competition or opposition. the social processes operating in many societies vary according to degree and intensity. conflict and competition are processes which involves struggle against other people for a particular goal or value (mack and peasce, 1983). these processes stem out of the scarcity of opportunities and resources. these scarce opportunities and resources may be material, intellectual, or spiritual and these will be met, most often, by the culture of society. the need for food and other basic essentials of life, in some primitive societies, may be a cause for people to still and even kill; while in developed societies conflict is cause by the people’s desire for influence and power. conflict exists when there is antagonism opposition between interest and principles among people. coser defines conflict as a struggle over values or claims of the conflicting parties are not only to gain the desired values but also to neutralized, injure or eliminate their rivals. “ it may be assumed that the intent to do harm physically or psychologically is present in conflict” generally, conflict arise because of the non-observance of the rules of the competition and naturally, the opponents manifest an antagonistic attitude. competition in business is a healthy sign to improve the quality of products at a competitive price, but when black propaganda and other malicious designs are used the expense of anothers business, conflict will follow. competition is guided by certain rules and norms determined by society. it is to be noted that in the process, an individual or a group may achieve the reward and the others may be losers. the losing individual or group then agrees by the society’s decisions of winners. it has been mentioned earlier that the desire for power wealth and prestige is often the end-goal of competition. in conflict the direction of the mind is directly towards the opponent conflict is most likely to ensue when the participants deviate from the rules of the game; and consequently there is disagreement controversy fear hate and antagonism and hostility. conflict is clearly illustrated when two persons engage in a fist fight war rings gangs in prisons cells causing violent riots violent labor strikes rebellion and sedition revolution and war. in political affairs political parties compete for political power. in the Philippines one competing party may device illegitimate means to obtain it and as a result conflict arises. in sports competition specially in the Philippine basketball association the desire to win a championship game is the main objective of the team. the players in the hard court display their physical strength skills an sustained stamina coupled with a good coach and the full support of the management but when opposing players resort to employ dirty tricks to win the game conflict occurs. conflicts are processes are generally counter productive and usually bring about anxiety resulting in the exhaustion of energy and resources. while conflict to a large extent can be destructive by disrupting the existing social order it also provides an outlet for the suppressed emotions...
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